Wind Energy Growth

  • 100 Countries using Wind Energy
  • Wind provides 580-Terawatthours (TWh) per yr. ≈ 3% of worldwide demand
  • Wind energy annual growth of 19.2% (2012) ≈ 282.6-GigaWatts (GW)
  • The worldwide wind increased by 44.6-GW in 2012
  • Wind sector gross revenues of US $75 billion (2012)
  • Wind expected to reach 500-GW by the year 2016; & 1,000-GW by 2020.
  • Wind leader EU (106-GW); then China (75-GW) & US (60-GW)
  • Latin America and Eastern Europe most dynamic world regions for wind
  • Brazil 8th country with more new capacity installed (2012)
  • Mexico is the fastest growing wind market in Latin America after Brazil

Cost of one KiloWatt hour (KWh) in 2018

Notes: In 2011 US$; reflects total levelized costs; Source: US Energy Information Administration.